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Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline

US Brand Name Generic Sermion
Generic Name Nicergoline
Other Brand Name Cholergol
Packing 10
Manufacturer Pharmaia, Inga Laboratories
Form Tablet
Strength 5mg, 30 mg
Country India

  • 10 tabs 30 mg $19.90
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Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Introduction

Nicergoline is an ergoloid mesylate derivative which is used to treat senile dementia. This drug is proven to help improve your mental agility more through enhancing perception and vigilance. Nicergoline is an alpha-adrenolytic action that can activate the metabolism of the brain and improve the flow in your arterial. This could also lower the vascular resistance and improves the usage of oxygen and glucose.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Use

Nicergoline is use in acute and chronic metabolic-vascular disorder (thromvosis, cerebral embolism, and cerebral arteriosclerosis and transitory cerevral ischaemia), acute and chronic peripheral metabolic- vascular disorder and Raynaud's disease. Sometimes it could help for those patients, who are experiencing migraines, coadjutant therapy in clinical situations accompanied by platelet hyper-aggregability and retinal angiosclerosis.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Side effects

If the patients is experiencing to nausea, hot flushes, hypertension, dizziness and mild gastric upset. If you are having the strong dosage of the medication you must ask for the doctor's opinion so that it they could guide in taking up the drug.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Contraindication

Patients who are suffering from acute bleeding, heart conditions, hypertension, bradycardia or using alpha or beta receptor agonists should ask your doctor for the dosage of this medication. Nicergoline is very unsafe for patients who are experiencing porphyria. In this medication pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are require to consult their doctor for the proper dosage of the drug. In combining the medication from thus potent vasodilators such as bromocriptune, gingko biloba, picamilon, vinpocetine or xantinol nicotinate you should ask for the doctor's advice before having this intake.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : storage

The drug should be kept in room temperature, it is also important that it would be place somewhere that moisture and light would not affect the drug. Store it someplace where children and pet would not reach this drug.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Composition

It is made up of up 5 mg or 30 mg of Nicergoline, that is pack in blister foil with 10 pieces in each pack.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Important Precautions

In taking up this drug the most important thing you must do is to ask your doctor for the proper dosage and intake of the drugs. Tell your doctor if you have any medical history that can affect the medication. Pregnant women must be advice to consult their doctor when taking this drug, it is also them for mothers who are nursing there little babies.

Cholergol, Generic Sermion, Nicergoline : Dosage and administration

In taking up this drug with known conditions would be 3 times in a day with 5-10 mg in every in-take of the drug. This drug can be taken orally with a cup of water. However to prevent anti-aging purposes you may consider to have it once or twice in a day with 5 mg per in-take. Always ask for the prescription of your doctor in the proper dosage of this drug depending on your conditions. When you have any allergic reactions from the drug tell you doctor so that they could give an enough dosage for it. If you have any medical history always remind your doctor about it so that they could give the appropriate use of the drug.