Lumigan | Buy Lumigan

Lumigan | Buy Lumigan

US Brand Name Lumigan
Generic Name Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution
Other Brand Name LUMIGAN
Manufacturer ALLERGAN
Packing 3 ml
Form Eye Drop
Strength 0.03%
0.03% 3 ml (ALLERGAN) $28.90
0.01% 3 ml (ALLERGAN) $22.90

LUMIGAN: Introduction

The eyes are very important . We must take good care of it, because it is not easy to become blind. One must not appreciate the beauty of the world if he/she can no longer see the beauty of the world. So there are people who invented this kind of eye solution in order to give remedy to people who are suffering eye deficiency. Lumigan is approved or prescribed for Glauoma. It helps to reduce the pressure of the eyes by helping to increase the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eyes. It is also beneficial in lengthen the eyelashes.

LUMIGAN: Composition

Another brand of Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution is Lumigan manufactured by Allergan and packed in 3ml in a form of drops with strength of 0.03%.


Lumigan reduces the pressure in the eyes. Lumigan also had an used which is used in cosmetics to lengthen the eyelashes. First you must clean your hands properly with soap and water. Second if you are wearing contact lenses, you must remove it Third you must create a pocket by pulling down the lower eyelid by the use of your index finger. Remember always to add Lumigan to the pocket not on the eyelids. Add one drop of Lumigan to the pocket. You must to shut your eyes and you must lightly apply pressure on the interior corners of the eyes. If there are excess liquid dry off. Contact lenses (if you are using) before putting it back you must wait for 15 minutes.

LUMIGAN: Dosage and administration

It is a need to consult a doctor before using this eye drop solution. Talk to your ophthalmologist on what is the right thing to do. In dosage and administration talked to your ophthalmologist.

LUMIGAN: Contraindication

Do not expose your eyes on things that have radiation like computers, television, and cell phone etc. in order to avoid certain problems. Ask your doctor or ophthalmologist of what are the don'ts in applying or using this medication.

LUMIGAN: Important Precautions

Important advice of the ophthalmologist is very essential to remember always. After using cleaned your hand properly and use clean towel to wipe your eyes. One must undergo eye test after using this medication. You must consult your doctor in using this medication because it is not good to just use this medication with no any idea what and how it works. If you don't consult your doctor or ophthalmologist it can lead you to blindness.

LUMIGAN: Side effects

Blur vision It might cause temporary red-hot sensation Thickening of eyelashes Eyelid Redness Eye discomfort Darken eyelashes enduringly The iris may turn brown permanently

LUMIGAN: storage

This kind of things must be out of reach of the children. This must be placed in a safe place. If necessary it must be place in a medical cabinet so that you it will be safe to children and if needed, one must easily find it. If expired it must be disposed properly.