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Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate

US Brand Name
Generic Name Calcium Dobesilate
Other Brand Name Dobest
Packing 10
Manufacturer Wallace Pharma
Form Capsule
Strength 500 mg
Country India

  • 30 caps $27.90
Available online
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Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Introduction

Calcium Dobesilate is known as vasoactive drug that works selectively in the walls of capillary and regulates their physiological function of permeability and resistance. It lowers down the viscosity and restores the normal flow of the blood. This is beneficial in the condition of capillary fragility and surgical stress or induced by some medicines.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Use

This drug has many uses. It treats in micro- disease such s glomerular sclerosis, retinopathy, and diabetic microangiopathy. It is also used in the treatment of varicose such as primary varicocele which includes cramps, muscles pain, limb heavy, cyanosis, flu, purpura dermatitis; varices state which includes chronic venous insufficiency, superficial phlebitis, and thrombophlebitis, varicose veins of pregnancy, varicose ulcers, and thrombosis syndrome. In addition, this medicine is used in tissue infiltration and edema, prevention of SARS, and used in vein stripping and venous sclerosis law adjuvant therapy.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Side effects

The less adverse reactions of this drug are diarrhea, fever, rash, nausea, headache, vertigo, skin reactions, GI disturbances, and dizziness. However, these symptoms can be serious if persist for more than a week, discontinue using this drug and notify your doctor. Do not just treat symptoms in over the counter drugs for it only caused interaction to its components and can activate other symptoms. Severe side effects of this drug that give complication to other symptoms are Agranulocytosis. Side effects also occur due to wrong usage of drugs such as missing, skipping, changing and over dosing the capsule. It is necessary that you should follow what is being prescribed by the doctor for better result.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Contraindication

This drug is not advisable for the medication of pregnant women especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is also contraindicated to those developed hypersensitivity and allergic reaction to any components of this drug.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : storage

Put the tablet in a room temperature away from heat and moisture, this can damage the capsule by breaking or cracking or melting it.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Composition

Calcium Dobesilate is available in the form of tablet and capsule with an active ingredient of calcium dobesilate monohydrate. It is available in the strength of 500 mg and packed by 10 in blister pack.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Important Precautions

This capsule is not advisable for children use. Pregnant women are not allowed to use this drug, but if it is clearly needed then they can use it but with doctors consent. If ever you feel dizzy during the first intake of this drug, rest for a while and avoid working that requires lifting heavy things and operating machineries. Talk to your doctor that you have medical history, and also you are taking drugs that are prescribed and not prescribed by the doctor.

Dobest, Calcium Dobesilate : Dosage and administration

The regular dose of this drug is one capsule 500mg to 750 mg taken twice a day with course of meal. The dosage given depends on the severity and mildness of the symptoms. Take the capsule in a length of time as it is prescribed by the doctor. Do not break nor chewed the capsule it should be taken as whole.